Everything about the flowering and care of the magnolia

The magnolia bears the largest flowers of all shrubs that can bloom in our climate. This blossom is a wonderful announcement that spring has arrived or is about to begin in our country. Some magnolias bloom as early as March. The magnolia tree requires relatively little care and there are hybrids that are also suitable for a smaller garden. The magnolia is more versatile than many people think and not only beautiful in the spring.

The most famous species
The most famous is the Magnolia Soulangeana. It can grow up to five meters high and flower very profusely. There are various color variants, but white and pink or a combination of these are the most common. If you have a somewhat smaller garden, Magnolia Soulangeana will soon become too large and it is better to opt for one of the smaller hybrids:

Magnolia Susan. This American shrub grows up to 2 meters high and the flowers are a particularly attractive pink with a lighter shade on the inside. You see the American newcomer more and more often in Dutch gardens.
Magnolia Stellata. The star-shaped flowers brighten up any garden in spring. The bush remains quite small.
Magnolia Yellow River. The yellow flowers are particularly striking and the shrub does not grow very large. This species is less common in our country.

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